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Quality color sealers stop oil and water-based liquids, which will prevent food and beverage stains. In addition, they contain constant acting mildew ides and other agents that hinder the growth of bacteria and mildew. This not only offers health benefits by making your floors more sanitary, but can reduce or eliminate the funky smells often found with older floors that have had a long time to absorb a assortment of odiferous liquids. Color sealed floors are therefore easier to preserve.

There are appealing reasons for choosing color sealing as well. When you have areas where only some of the grout needs to be substituted, it is nearly impossible to match the color of the new grout to the older grout that is still intact. Even if you use the duplicate product and color, aging and wear has already altered the look of your formerly installed grout and the difference is usually obvious. Color sealing, however, will provide a consistent look across the board, making your entire grout look new again. Color sealing can completely change your grout to virtually any color you choose. The advantage of this is obvious. Are you considering new decor, an updated, fresher look or more modern colors? Your existing grout doesn’t need to hold you back or limit your choices. Color sealing is a way to blend with and complement remodeling without the expense of re-grouting. With color sealing, you can even change from dark to a lighter shade. 

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Even if you keep your tiles clean, dirty grout lines can really diminish the look of your tiled floors and walls. Because cement-based grout, whether sanded or not, is absorbent by nature, substances like oil, grease, and water tend to seep inside and cause ugly staining. The best way to prevent this is to seal your new grout and repeat as needed—every year or so for wall and floor tiles that don’t get much wetness, and more often for grout in the shower or on the bathroom backsplash. We scrub with tile brush take out dirt and bacteria then steam clean it with a truck mount.